Nice To Meet You!

Hiya!  My name is Morgen and I’m the goof behind the camera. I know, goof is a weird way to introduce yourself on a professional website but I want you to get to know me.  I love to have fun while I’m capturing moments because those are the ones I think we all remember most. I’ll still tell you to stand up straight and tilt your chin so no one knows how much you enjoy tacos (I love them too), but you won’t feel posed or stiff! Photo shoots should be fun and include lots of PLAY especially if I’m working with the littles.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved art in all it’s forms but I first REALLY fell in love with photography when my son was born. He’s 3 years old and I’ve had a camera in his face since he looked like a bundled up glow worm. When I quit my artless corporate gig in 2015 I started to create again in every way possible (photos, crafts, sewing etc.) I even converted my dining room into a craft space! How is any of this relevant to photography?!

Well, I found my favorite way to create art is by combining my skills. I craft customized photography sets and then capture all the love, laughter and joy I can find with my camera. That’s how DESIGNED IN LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY was born.

Now that we’ve been properly introduced I hope you’ll stay a while and poke around a bit. My goal is to give you photos that will fill your space with Love & Laughter every time you look at them. Thanks for stopping by! Now go book your first session!