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Nice to meet you!

Hiya! My name is Morgen Hooper and I’m the goof behind the camera. I know, goof is a weird way to introduce yourself on a professional website but I want you to get to know me. I love to have fun while I’m capturing moments because those are the ones I think we all remember most. I’ll still tell you to stand up straight and tilt your chin so no one knows how much you enjoy tacos (I love them too), but you won’t feel posed or stiff! Photo shoots should be FUN and include lots of PLAY, especially when working with the little ones!

Why I love photography!

I have always loved art in all forms but I REALLY fell in love with photography when my son was born. It was important for me to document the love for our son so he would know without a doubt that he was created, born, and raised with unconditional love.

He is 6 years old now and I’ve had a camera in his face since he looked like a bundled-up glow worm! I cannot get enough of that beautiful little face and I unapologetically fill my social feeds with our goofy and fun family photos.

Love is the single most important gift we give and receive as human beings and photos are proof of its existence. What I love most about photography is that it is an opportunity to document both special and ordinary moments that will create memories for families to cherish forever.

How I started my business!

In 2015, my maternity leave was over and I went back to work at my corporate, artless job. Bleh! I quickly realized that I was miserable and I couldn’t stomach leaving my baby for a gray cubicle that took an hour to get to and from each day. With my husband’s support, I made the decision to quit my job. I was inspired to CREATE a job to help provide for my family while staying home with my son. While planning a bridal shower for my friend she asked me to take her engagement pictures with my fancy hobbyist camera. I was incredibly nervous, but I did it and I instantly FELL IN LOVE! The rest is history.  Now I have clients all over Southern California.  I have friends in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Carlsbad, Palm Springs…you name it! 

I love what I do so SO much and if you vibe with everything I just said let’s chat!

My Session Style!

One thing I am uber passionate about is play! When we’re playing on a Southern California Beach or in an Orange County park you won’t even feel like you’re taking photos. I obsess over images that truly capture the love, laughter, and joy between people and creating lifelong memories for my clients during all stages of life. I firmy believe the only way to do that is to have fun, MAKE memories and have you feel those emotions. 

My sessions are fun, candid, relaxed. My personality is down-to-earth and approachable…and I like to engage my clients so they feel comfortable and at ease. I will splash around with you and chase your littles. By the end of it all we’ll be friends and the awkward will have left the building.  

So now that we’ve been properly introduced, I hope you’ll stay a while and poke around a bit. My goal is to give you photos that will fill your space with Love & Laughter every time you look at them. Thanks for stopping by! Now go book your first session!




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